Donations and Collaborations

Training Now endeavours to give back to all that are improving lives. We do that by giving donations and working in collaboration with a variety of different groups

Open House Club Work (Macleod)

Wendy and her team build long term friendships with disadvantaged and lonely adults

Breakaway Youth

Focusing on building long term friendship with disadvantaged young people.

Donation of 1000 Chupa Chups during COVID to disadvantage youth
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Ivanhoe Amateur Football Club

Training Now supported the Ivanhoe Amateur Football club through 2022

St Johns Community Garden Heidelberg

Community Garden for residents of Heidelberg to participate in

Just One

Building a supermarket in Cambodia to create long term employment and low cost food for local families.

The Salvation Army Reservoir

Working with the community of Reservoir to help those that are struggling

Overseas Medical Support

Nathalie (Philippians) a young child who needs urgent heart operation. Her family needs to raise the cost of medical and pay before operation can commence through Diamond Creek Uniting Church.

COVID-19 Pandemic Support

Churches in several suburbs have closed there doors to public gathering.
*Training Now is financing pre-recorded church services so that Christians can have their services via Electronic Media or converted to DVD for elderly who don’t have internet access.

Chisomo Ministries

Training Now has provided finacial support to build a house in Malawi