Community Programs

Training Now are behind a number of community based programs. Some are long term projects while other are shorter term projects. Watch this space for more initiatives.

Blokes Helping Blokes

The Blokes Helping Blokes started with a Breakfast that came as a response to an average of six males a day committing suicide in Australia—even sadder, six a week in Victoria.
Crocodile Dundee said it all when the New Yorker shared she was seeing her psychologist: “Don’t you have any mates to talk to?” “Well at Wombat Creek if you got a problem, you tell Wally.
And he tells everyone in town... brings it out in the open... no more problem.” (Crocodile Dundee, 1986)
A further innovation that we introduced was the idea of ‘living eulogies’, allowing people to describe their own life history, instead of waiting until they were dead and someone else would do it, very inaccurately. Our founder Glenn had attended the funeral of a friend and barely recognised the person being talked about; and things that he thought of most importance weren’t mentioned at all.
Glenn says: As eulogies are shared it is our belief that other men struggling may find hope from lives already lived.

🍝 Blokes Helping Blokes Breakfast

Blokes Helping Blokes Breakfast
1st Saturday of each month 8am to 10am at Open House Macleod (67-71 Strathallan Road, Macleod Victoria 3085) for Morning Tea
Need a lift to venue please let me know Cheers Glenn (0487852808)

📞 Phone Call: some blokes have offered to call a bloke for a chat. You can expect a call over coming weeks

As updates occur we will keep you informed.

Blokes Helping Blokes ‘purpose’ is in its name.

📖 Fishing Trip

Our annual Fishing Trip. We caught 14 snappers in first 15 minutes for a total of 18 snappers.
We are grateful to Jayson Turner Skipper of Pro Red Fishing Charters who gave us an amazing experience.
Biggest Snapper 700mm long and weighed 5 k.
Three Certificate were awarded.
- Biggest Fish - David
- Smallest Fish - Walshi
- Ugliest Fish - Stuart.